September 6, 2023

Tips for saving energy in the home

We’re all looking for ways that we can save energy in our homes, and some swaps are much more simple than others. In this blog, we’re giving you some tips for saving energy in the home.

We rely on energy to power many appliances in the home, but there are plenty of ways that you can reduce your energy usage. The increased uncertainty surrounding energy bills has led to many homeowners taking control of their own energy.

Energy saving tips for the home

Have solar panels installed

Solar panels are a fantastic investment for your home. They work by absorbing the sun’s rays – known as a direct current. Within the solar PV system, an inverter changes the current to an alternating current for use within the home. Find out more about how solar panels work.

Solar panels can help you to save thousands on your electricity bill. Before installation, you’ll need to assess how many panels you need. A trusted installer can support you with this. You will need to calculate your household’s average energy consumption by looking at previous electricity bills.

Turn off standby

It can be useful to have appliances ready whenever you need them, but if you could save money with the flick of a switch, you might want to consider it. Appliances that are left on standby are still using electricity. Simply turning off appliances at the plug can help to reduce your energy use.

Turn off the lights

This one may feel much easier to implement in the summer months, but it can also be achieved in winter. Consider using a lamp instead of sitting with the main light on in a room. Additionally, you could replace your standard bulbs with more energy-efficient options.

Energy saving tips

Use less water

You can easily use less water by having shorter showers. Using less water can positively impact your energy bills and your water bills too. Consider swapping to a more water-efficient shower head to reduce your energy bills further.

Additionally, you can alter the way that you use your washing machine. You should avoid completing washes with minimal items in, but also ensure that you do not over-fill the washing machine. Use the washing machine at a lower temperature to help save money.

Insulate the home

The need for insulating the home becomes even more important in the winter months. You may notice more cold draughts in the winter as heat is lost from inside the home. You should use a reputable insulation company to rectify these issues for you. Draught-proofing the home can have great results for reducing heat loss.

Ensure that all windows in the home are double-glazed to stop heat escaping. Many homeowners also find that a smart meter helps them to track and reduce energy consumption.

Central heating system

Ensure that you have a good quality system in place to reduce your heating bills. It can often help to have thermostatic radiator valves so that empty rooms aren’t being heated quite as much. There are plenty of ways to save energy at home, whether you turn to appliances with more energy efficiency or avoid items such as a tumble dryer, which requires a lot of energy.

Earning money from energy generation

Solar panels provide you with a solid foundation for controlling your own energy usage. Did you know you can earn money by installing solar panels?

In the UK, you can sign up for the Smart Export Guarantee scheme (SEG scheme), whereby you send your excess energy back to the National Grid. You’ll be paid a fee based on how much energy you generate and send back.

It’s definitely worth looking into the Government incentives available. Previously, homeowners could benefit from the Feed In Tariff by installing renewable energy sources. However, new applications for this scheme are no longer accepted. Check out our blog on solar panel funding and grants.

We hope this blog has been useful for tips for saving energy in the home. Are you interested in having solar panels installed? We can help you find a great-quality installer in just a few clicks. Start saving money with solar panels today.