February 1, 2023

Who can have solar panels installed?

Solar panels are a fantastic investment for your home, but they can also be used in business premises and community spaces. In this article, we will explain who can have solar panels installed.

Solar panels come in different variations, which means there’s generally an option for everyone. When choosing your solar PV panels, you’ll need to consider efficiency ratings, appearance and space.

Solar panels for your home

Installing solar panels for your home is simple if you are the homeowner. First, you’ll need to assess which type of solar panels are right for your property. As a starting point, residential solar panels are usually installed on the roof of the property.

You will need to assess the most suitable space on the roof to have the solar panel system installed. The best place is where the most sunlight hits the roof. Solar panels work better with direct sunlight exposure, but they can still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

After assessing which roof area will be the most suitable, you’ll need to find out how much space you have. A solar panel installation expert can measure your roof space. This will allow you to work out costs and find the best way to organise the panels.

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Solar panels for your business

Solar PV panels produce instant energy, which is perfect for many businesses that are open during the daytime. Solar panels can save you thousands on your business’ electricity bill. Don’t worry if you’re closed over the Christmas period, a next-generation solar battery system can store excess electricity ready for when you need it!

To work out how much a solar panel system will cost to cover your electricity requirements, you should take a look at a recent energy bill. You can calculate the amount using your standard energy usage.

You’ll also need to work out how much roof space you have on your premises; this will allow you to assess how many solar panels you actually need. You may need to seek planning permission for your solar panel installations.

Solar panels for a community area

There are many community areas where solar panels can be installed. These can include schools, churches or community centres. You will likely need to seek planning permission for solar panels in a community area.

solar panel installation location

How much are solar panels?

The cost of solar PV systems depends on a range of factors. These can include the number of panels you require, the type of panels you choose and more.

Solar panels are a great investment that can save you a lot of money in the long run. It is expected that you can save hundreds per year on your energy bills using solar electricity.

Once you’ve paid for the solar panels and the installation, there are almost zero costs involved. Other than maintenance (once every 5 years) by a qualified installer, the running costs are minimal.

Another reason why a solar PV system is a great investment is that they are a long-lasting solution. High-quality solar panels can last for up to 25 years. Some UK residents are on track to save over £40,000 in the lifetime of their solar panels!

Is a solar installation worth it?

Solar panels are a fantastic investment for many properties. They also open the door to more opportunities, such as being paid back for the energy that you don’t use. This is known as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG scheme).

Many energy suppliers offer good tariffs for the Smart Export Guarantee. You can usually switch your energy supplier and tariff easily to ensure that you’re getting the best deals on your surplus electricity.

Under the SEG scheme, all energy that you don’t use is exported back to the National Grid. They receive more solar energy, and you get paid for the energy produced that you don’t use. It’s a great, energy-efficient solution that encourages more people to use renewable energy sources. It also knocks a tidy sum off your overall bills!

0% VAT

The government is also offering 0% VAT on all solar panel installations until 2027. This is part of the government’s renewable energy scheme, so there has never been a better time to have solar panels installed.

Is it worth fitting solar panels? Solar panel systems are definitely worth it if you want to have more control over your own renewable electricity, lower your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills!

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