November 7, 2023

Here’s who NEEDS solar panels

Are you thinking about having solar panels installed? Then you’re looking at the right time! Solar panels are extremely popular right now for many reasons, one being that they can save you a lot of money on your energy bills! In this blog, we’re telling you who needs solar panels.

Walk around anywhere, and you’ll notice many more solar panel systems than you used to. Not only have solar panel systems given more households energy freedom, but they’ve also reduced in price.

In the UK, it is estimated that around 1.3 million homes are powered by solar. In the US, this number rises to 2.7 million. These are fantastic numbers that are only set to continue rising.

Currently, in the UK, homeowners can have solar panels installed with 0% VAT. This can lead to huge savings and is a great incentive in place until 2027. Check out our article on Solar Panel Funding and Grants.

Here’s who NEEDS solar panels installing


If you own your own property, solar panels are a great idea. Not only can they help you to save money, but they can also increase the value of your home.

You can also look into government incentives, such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG scheme). This allows you to be paid for the excess energy you create and send back to the National Grid.

When having solar panels installed, you’ll need to consider the positioning of them. Depending on where you live, your panels will be better off facing a certain direction. This will help you to achieve maximum sunlight on the panels.

solar panels for homeowners


If you love saving money, and who doesn’t?! Then solar panels are a great idea for you. They can help you to gain more control over your own energy.

First, you’ll need to assess how many solar panels you need. To work this out, you should find an average energy usage throughout the year. A solar panel installer will be able to help you with ranges to ensure you have enough electricity to power your home.

Next, you’ll need to find some panels you like. They all have different features, such as varying energy efficiency ratings. Once you’ve worked out how much power your panels can give you, you’ll know how many you’ll need.

You’ll gain a good understanding of how much power you need for your home and how much it will cost you in the long run.

Environmentally conscious people

If you’re a particularly environmentally conscious person, then solar panels will be a fantastic option for your home. Solar panels don’t just save you money – they’re also a renewable source of electricity. This means that they are much better for the environment compared to traditional electricity methods.

Solar power is an incredibly environmentally friendly option as it is readily available from the sun’s rays. This means that by switching to solar, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to protect the environment. Read our blog on the benefits of renewable energy.

solar panels electric vehicles

Electric vehicle owners

If you own an electric car and you want to save yourself money and protect the environment, solar power might be the way for you.

Just like other electricals in the home, an electric vehicle can be charged using solar power. For this to be successful, however, you will need to ensure that your electric vehicle charger is compatible with solar energy.

Other than the charger, you can use the original solar power system, which means no further costs are involved. This is a great way to save money in the long run while protecting the environment even further.

Ultimately, if you want to save money on your energy bills, then solar panels are a fantastic idea. Do you need solar panels? Use the link below to find out how much you could save.